Create your Public Donations Page

  1. After completing your fundraiser merchant account, Accept the FC Link and WePay Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies by selecting the check boxes. Then select Get Started.
  2. This next section is where you can add your fundraiser name, add a video, crest/logo, etc. You can edit this section at a later time if needed. Below is a list of all the fields and a brief description.
  3. Field Name
    Fundraiser Name
    The name that will show on your public donations page
    First Name
    Your first name
    Last Name
    Your last name
    Your email address
    Last 4 of Social Security #
    The last four digits of your social security number
    Date of Birth
    Your date of birth
    Select your state of residence
    Fundraiser Goal
    The amount of money you want to collect in donations
    Fundraiser Start Date
    The day you want to start your fundraiser
    Fundraiser End Date
    The day you want your fundraiser to end
    Participating Teams
    A drop down menu showing what teams you want the fundraiser to show for.
    Primary Color
    This is the background color of your donation page
    Secondary Color
    This is the text color of your donation page
    Logo Upload
    This is where you will want to upload your logo
    Video Upload
    This is where you will want to upload your video
  4. Important: you won't be able to collect any donations prior to the start date or after the end date. You can change these settings during a fundraiser but you won't be able to edit the fundraiser after the end date.
  5. Once all the fields are completed, select the Next button.
  6. The next section is your personal message. We have put in some sample text for you but you can edit this as needed. Then select the Next button.
  7. You are now given a brief summary of the fundraiser settings. Select the Complete button to finish your fundraiser. You should now see a success screen and should return to see your newly created fundraiser!