Below is some quick information to help get started with creating your first fundraiser.

Note: before you start a fundraiser you'll need to ensure you are registered in the FC Link app and have created your teams and added your players. 

Click here for more information about getting started in the FC Link app

Major steps you will be completing:

  1. Registering with WePay, a Chase Bank company.
    • Confirming your registration (will be done separately outside the FC Link app)
  2. Create a fundraiser merchant account to collect your donations.
  3. Create your public fundraiser page for your team, club, or organization.

You will want the following information available:

  1. Personal or Team Information
  2. Name, Email, Phone Number
  3. Fundraiser Goals and Start/End Dates
  4. Team Logo/Crest and Team Video Files

Let's get started!

NextStep 1: Registering with WePay