FC Link was built to manage multiple soccer teams and lets you create teams quickly. The information below is a quick tutorial showing how to create your first team.

Note: If you are creating a club, create your club first before creating the team.  Click here.

  1. Login to the FC Link app from your mobile device.
  2. When you login to the app, you will be presented with the My Teams screen. If you are new to FC Link your teams will be empty.
  3. Select the (+) plus button in the bottom right corner and then select the New Team button.
  4. Select your team crest or logo, type in your team name, and fill out the rest of the information. 
  5. If this team is part of a club, select your club name from the list.
  6. Hit Save.

Your team has been created! 

Go to: Edit your team code

Go to: Invite your players, parents, alumni, and fans